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Metric Piping Weight Calculation Spreadsheet Workbook

Metric Piping Weight Calculation Spreadsheet Workbook

This Workbook provides a tool that is intended to provide a quick, easy and accurate method for the piping designer to use when calculating piping system weights. The workbook can be used to calculate the weight of the pipe, flanges, fittings, insulation and hydrotest water for a single size or for multi-size configurations.

Notes for use:

  1. At the bottom of the screen select (and click on) the tab for the size required for the line or system. Do the largest size first then the next size until finished with that line or system
  2. On the correct size sheet, enter quantities in the (Yellow) quantity column.  Lineal meters for Pipe and Insulation.  Enter actual count for fittings, flanges and valves.
  3. For Hydrotest water add the lineal meters of the pipe plus add in a factor for the fittings and valves.
  4. At  the bottom of each page there is a note "ADDITIONAL WEIGHT ITEM".  This is the place to add in the weight of items such as Weld-O-Lets or any other previously unlisted items.  For record purposes, define the item in the (Yellow) space allowed.  The data from all pages will be automatically posted to the summary table at the bottom of this page.
  5. For record purposes a project number, system or line description, originator and date may be entered at the top of each size sheet used.  The same data may also be entered on this sheet.
  6. Do not try to enter data in any other spaces.  This Workbook is password protected.
  7. For a piping load where the concentrated load is off center between two support points the higher individual load may be given.  Example: where the center of the total calculated load is 85% closer to support point # 1 than #2 then input the decimal (.85) into the "Yellow" box at the bottom of this page.  The calculated load for Pipe Support #1 will be given.
  8. After all required data has been entered on a size page a copy should be ran for record purposes when required.
  9. When all weight work data for a system or individual line is complete and record copies have been run, close the file but do not "save" the changes. All previous data will be erased. You may then open the file again for another line or system.

Just like we provided you last Imperial Piping Weight/Load Calculation Spreadsheet Workbook, you can get this spreadsheet from here. This file is uploaded on Dropbox, so just in case, if is blocked at your workplace, then download link will not work. If you think that i have violated any copyright by publishing this spreadsheet, please contact us for the claim.

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