Wednesday, October 2, 2013

PreStressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP) Manufacturing Process

The AWWA standard C3014 provides a comprehensive description of the manufacturing requirements for pipe and fittings. The purchaser should require, in the specifications, that all pipe and fittings be manufactured per the AWWA C301 standard.

Figure A illustrates the various steps in the manufacturing process for PCCP.
PCCP manufacturing process
Fig. A: PCCP manufacturing process
Figure B shows the various steps in the manufacturing process for fittings

Fittings manufacturing process
Fig. B: Fittings manufacturing process

Quality Assurance

All PCCP manufacturers should establish quality assurance departments within the pipe plant to provide step-by-step attention to all production procedures and assure that all machinery and equipment is operating properly. Incoming raw materials must be carefully inspected and tested for compliance with the governing standards. 

The AWWAC301 standard contains the testing methods to be used and acceptance criteria for all raw materials to be incorporated into the pipe and fittings.

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