Wednesday, October 15, 2014

General Considerations for Steam Piping

General Design Considerations

• Piping shall be designed for complete condensate removal. Drip legs complete with steam traps shall be provided at all low points, at the base of a vertical risers, at dead-ends, and on long runs at intervals.

Why do we need to remove condensate?

1. Thermal growth must be considered when locating low point drains (both hot and cold positions of the pipe should be considered).

hot and cold positions of the pipe

2. Steam lines that require any type of restriction devices, such as orifices or flow nozzles, must have adequate drainage upstream of the device.

orifices or flow nozzles must have adequate drainage

3. Any gate valve in a steam system should be installed with the stem in an upright position, to avoid
condensate entrapment of fluids in the bonnet.

Gate valve in a steam system

4. Thermal movements shall be considered when designing in the model. Adequate clearance shall be
maintained between the piping O.D. (including insulation) and adjacent commodities, to ensure clearance when the piping moves from the cold to the hot position.

Thermal movements of piping

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