Monday, November 24, 2014

General Guidelines for Ladders and Platforms

Types of Ladders

1)    Step Through
2)    Side Step
3)    Straight/vertical Ladder
4)    Inclined

General Guidelines
·        Platforms are provided for access to manholes, instruments, valves and equipment, and for crossovers between ladders.
·       The spacing of platforms served by a common ladder shall be in one-foot increments so as to match the rung spacing on the ladders.
·        The maximum straight run of ladder is 29'-6" from H.P.F.S. (due to grade variation).
·        Projection of nozzles extending through a top platform must be such that the flange bolts are above the platform level.
·      Avoid supporting heavy piping loads from platforms (Generally more than 500 pounds).
·      Vessel attachments, such as ladder support clips, platform support clips, vessel pipe supports, and guides are generally installed by the vessel fabricator in the shop
·       For ladder details (see the figure below), note the 7" minimum toe clearance and 15o maximum ladder slope.
·      A ladder with and without a cage has clearance requirements that a designer needs to consider in orienting a vessel.
·      The Vessel Group will furnish a ladder and platform standard drawing for piping use

Few more Consideration

·    Platforms used effectively: LG's, TI's, PI's, SC's, PSV's, Valves, accessible from platforms if possible without making platform excessively large.
·    No side step off to a common elevation platform on both sides of ladder, unless allowed by job instructions
·      Level controller door will open 100o without obstruction.
·      Ladders are 16" wide inside, 7" minimum toe clearance, 1'-0" maximum.
·     Centerline of ladder to edge of step off is 1'-3".
·    Platform used for step-off only at least 2'-6" wide at vessel, i.e. 1'-3" on either side of ladder going up.

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  1. Does anybody has experience about suppports for underground cooling water supply an return pipe?,i am talking about 40" and 60" with reductions an branches, connecting pipe rack and condensers, Hx,etc, with flow up to 30,000 m3/h .



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