Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Design of Process Equipment

The design of process equipment such as shell-and-tube heat exchangers, pressure vessels and storage tanks requires a familiarity with a variety of sources of design data and procedures. The purpose of this book is to consolidate the scatter€d literature and present the material in simplified form so that it can be easily applied to design problems. Typical examples have been included to illustrate the application of the relationships and procedures presented in the text. Therefore, the designer should find this book to be a convenient and useful reference.

This book is based upon the author's several years of design experience and extensive research into previously published literature. The topics presented were selected based upon the problems most frequently encountered by the author,
1. Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers
2. Flange Design
3. Rotation of Hub Flanges . .
4. Stress Analysis of Floating Heads
5. Fixed Tubesheet Design. . .
6. Flanged and Flued Expansion Joints
7 . Pipe Segment Expansion Joints .
8. Vertical Vessels Supported by lugs
9. Vertical Vessel leg Design .
10. Vessel Codes of Various Countries.
11. ASME Code, Section VIII, Division 2 and Its Comparison to Division 1
12. Equivalent Materials of Various Countries
13. Design of Tall Stacks
14. Vibration Analysis of Tall Towers .
15. Design of Rectangular Tanks

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