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Pipe Drafting and Design By Roy A. Parisher & Robert A. Rhea

Pipe Drafting and Design By Roy A. Parisher & Robert A. Rhea

This book provides students with the basic skills they will need to prepare a wide range of piping drawings. It presents a step-by-step approach to the basic fundamentals students will need to begin a successful career in industrial drafting and design. Chapter One gives a quick overview of the many opportunities in drafting and design for those who master the basic skills presented in the following chapters. Then each chapter builds on the preceding one. It is necessary therefore to master the concepts in a given chapter before going on to the next one. Each chapter concludes with exercises and questions designed to help students review and practice the concepts presented in that chapter.

Roy A. Parisher is a professor in the engineering design graphics department at San Jacinto College in Pasadena, Texas, where he has taught for over 20 years.

Robert A. Rhea is a former associate professor of engineering technology at the University of Houston Downtown, Houston, Texas.

Contents of Pipe Drafting and Design By Roy A. Parisher & Robert A. Rhea:

Chapter 1
Overview of Pipe Drafting and Design
Types of Projects
Employers of Pipe Drafters and Designers
Engineering and Construction Companies
Operating Companies
Architectural Engineering Companies
Construction Companies
Fabrication Companies
Preparation for Piping Drafting
Technical Skills
Personal Skills
Creation of Pipe Drawings

Chapter 2
Steel Pipe
History of Pipe
Piping Materials
Manufacturing Methods
Sizing of Pipe
Wall Thickness
Methods of Joining Pipe
Cast Iron Pipe
Plastic Pipe
Drawing Pipe
Review Quiz

Chapter 3
Pipe Fittings
90° Elbows
45° Elbows
Weld Tee
The Stub-In
Weld Cap
Use of Fittings
Screwed and Socket-Weld Fittings
Pipe Nipples
Flanged Fittings
Cast Iron Fittings
Plastic Fittings
Review Quiz
Exercise Information
Drawing Exercises

Chapter 4
Flange Basics
Rating Flanges
Flange Facings
Flange Types
Review Quiz
Exercise Information
Drawing Exercises

Chapter 5
What Is a Valve?
Common Valve Types
Valve Operators
Review Quiz
Drawing Exercises

Chapter 6
Mechanical Equipment
Types of Equipment
Equipment in Use
Equipment Terminology
Vendor Data Drawings
Drawing Equipment
Review Quiz
Drawing Exercise

Chapter 7
Flow Diagrams and Instrumentation
Uses of Flow Diagrams
Type of Flow Diagrams
Flow Diagram Instruments
Piping Symbols
Flow Plan Arrangement
Review Quiz
Exercise Information
Drawing Exercises

Chapter 8
Codes and Specifications
Specification Classes
Piping Abbreviations
Review Quiz

Chapter 9
Equipment Layout
Plant Coordinate Systems
Site Plans
Unit Plot Plan
Equipment Location Drawing
Foundation Location Drawing
Piping Drawing Index
Review Quiz

Chapter 10
Piping Arrangement Drawings, Sections, and Elevations
Arrangement Drawings
Responsibilities of the Piping Designer
Information Sources for Piping Arrangement Drawings
Layout Procedures
Piping Arrangement Drawing Layout
Piping Sections and Elevations: What Are They?
Detail Drawings
Review Quiz
Exercises: Plans, Elevations, and Sections

Chapter 11
Standard Piping Details
Pipe Rack Spacing
Drawing Pipe in the Rack
Pipe Flexibility
Planning for Heat Expansion
Pipe Anchors
Pipe Insulation Shoes
Pipe Guides
Field Supports
Dummy Supports
Hanger Rods
Spring Hangers
Pick-up Pipe Supports
Review Quiz

Chapter 12
Piping Systems
Plant Utilities
Control Valve Manifolds
Utility Stations
Meter Runs
Sewer and Underground Piping Systems
Review Quiz

Chapter 13
Piping Isometrics
What Is an Isometric?
Drawing Piping Isometrics
Isometric Dimensions, Notes, and Callouts
Isometric Offsets
Review Quiz
Drawing Exercises

Chapter 14
Customizing AutoCAD
Creating Command Aliases
Using AutoLisp
Review Quiz

Chapter 15
Three–dimensional Modeling of Piping Systems
Advantages of 3D Modeling
Checking for Interferences
Generating Drawings Automatically from a Model
Generating Isometric Drawings Automatically
Computer-Aided Engineering of Models
Choosing a Modeling Software Package
Building a 3D Model Using AutoPlant

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