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Samsung Piping Design Standard around Fired Heater

Samsung Piping Design Standard around Fired Heater

Table of Contents

1. General
1.1 Purpose
1.2 Scope
1.3 Reference
1.4 Terms and Definition

2. Heater General
2.1 Heater Type
2.2 Heater Major Components
3. Heater Layout

3.1 General 
3.2 Arrangement Height
3.3 Maintenance Area
3.4 Operation Space
3.5 Structure & Platform
3.6 Steam Drum
3.7 Crossover & Jump-over

4. Piping Layout
4.1 Process Piping
4.2 Burner Piping
4.3 Snuffing Piping
4.4 Soot Blower Piping

5. Notice in Drafting
5.1 Stress Analysis
5.2 Information to be Handled

6. Revision History 

Ⅰ. Process Pipings
Ⅱ. Burner Pipings
Ⅲ. Stiffener Ring Size

This Manual aims to enhance the efficiency and standardize the Piping Design around Heater (or Direct Fired Heater, Furnace, Reformer, etc, Heater) of Chemistry, Oil, and Oil Refinery to design by SECL.

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