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The Planning Guide to Piping Design

The Planning Guide to Piping Design

Contents of The Planning Guide to Piping Design

  • Branch Connections Instrument and Utility Air
  • Branch Connections Process Lines 
  • Line Spacing Chart 
  • Line Spanning Chart 
  • Example Piping Class 
  • Piping Class Identifiers 
  • Discipline Mark-up Color Codes 
  • Inter-discipline Drawing Review Matrix 
  • Model Review Matrix 
  • Linear Thermal Expansion between 70°F/210C
  • and Indicated Temperature 
  • Piping Material Purchasing Matrix 
  • Stress Analysis Inital Determination Matrix 
  • Pipe Support Shop/Field Designation Chart 
  • Equipment Coordinates and Elevations Matrix 

List of Figures

The Planning Guide to Piping Design

  • Dummy Leg Standard 
  • Base Support Standard 
  • Shoe Standard 
  • Single Block Vent and Drain Standard 
  • Stick File Flowchart 
  • Interdiscipline Drawing Review Flowchart 
  • Interdiscipline Drawing Review Flowchart 
  • Vendor Document Review Flowchart 
  • Header with Line Reduction 
  • Header with Spec . Break 
(a) Control Valve without Bypass or Spec. Break

(b) Control Valve with Bypass without Spec. Break

(a) Control Valve without Bypass with Spec. Break

(b) Control Valve with Bypass and Spec . Break

(a) Single PSV without Bypass. (b) Single PSV with Bypass

(a) Single PSV without Bypass on Vessel .
  • (a) Multiple PSV without Bypass
  • @) Multiple PSV with Bypass 
  • Inlet or Suction and Outlet or Discharge for Single Piece of Equipment
  • Inlet or Suction and Outlet or Discharge for Multiple Equipment in Parallel 
  • Inlet and Outlet for Aerial Coolers 
  • Stress Analysis Method listed in LDT 
  • Stress Log 
  • Stress Analysis Flowchart 
  • Stress Isometric 
  • Model Review Comment 
  • Nozzle Re port 
  • Equipment Dialogue Box 
  • Manhour Spreadsheet Example 
  • Manhour Graph Example 
  • Drawing Index 
  • Plot Plan 
  • Piping Arrangement Key Plan 
  • Area Piping Arrangement 
  • Module Piping Arrangement 
  • Isometric 
  • Tie-In List 
  • Heat Trace Log 
  • PFD 
  • P&ID 
  • LDT 
  • CWP Boundaries 
  • Study Model Boundaries 
  • Detailed Model Boundaries 
(a) Single Level Module Numbering . @) Multiple
  • Level Module Numbering 
  • Piping Checking Progress Spreadsheet 
  • Demolition Drawing 
  • Piping Design Progress Spreadsheet 
  • Photograph of Finished Spool 
  • Photograph of Spools Loaded for Shipment
  • Photograph of a Piperack Module being loaded
  • for shipment 
  • Photograph of a piperack Module being shipped
  • Photograph of an Equipment Module ready
  • for shipment
  • Spool Sheet Example 

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