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Download PDS Equipment Modelling Training Guide

Download PDS Equipment Modelling Training Guide

Table of Contents

  • Terminology and Conventions
  • Course Overview
1.1 Rules for Orientation Tee
1.2 Suggestions for Screen Management
1.3 Setting Up
1.4 Orienting the Placement Tee
1.5 Moving the Placement Tee

2. Basic Equipment Manipulation Exercises
2.1 Setting Up
2.2 Creating Equipment Using Primitives
2.3 Identifying and Manipulating Equipment

3.1 Setting Up
3.2 Creating Components Using Primitives
3.3 Manipulating Components

4. Parametrics Exercises
4.1 Setting Up
4.2 Creating Equipment Using Parametrics
4.3 Creating Components Using Parametrics
4.4 Manipulating Parametrics

5. Nozzle Manipulation Exercise
5.1 Setting Up
5.2 Placing Nozzles
5.3 Parametrics
5.4 Manipulating Nozzles

6.1 Setting Up
6.2 Using the Mirror Copy Command
6.3 Using the Rotate Command
6.4 Using User-Projected Shapes
6.5 Using Fence Manipu fations
6.6 Using Review/Revise

7. Lab Exercises
7 .1 Lab
7.1.1. Horizontal Vessel 38V-101
7.1.2 Reboiler 38E-102
7.1.3 Fractionating Tower 38TW-102
7 .1.4 Place the Nozzle

7 .2 Lab 2
7.2.1 Horizontal Pumps 38P-101A and 38P-101 B
7.2.2 Heat Exchangers
7 .2.3 Fractionating Tower Detail 38TW-102

Course Overview

• Familiarity with the use of Intergraph hardware.
• Basic knowledge of MicroStation 3-D.
• Drafting experience.

Course Description

This course addresses the creation of a 3-0 equipment model usin g the PDS equipment modeling software. Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

  • Create an equipment model using basic shapes (primitives).
  • Create an equipment model using parametrics.
  • Manipulate equipment model's components.
  • Manipulate equipment models .
Course Organization

This course is organized in a series of lectures that are supported by a laboratory exercise at the end of each lecture. Commands are explained in order of importance rather than as they appear in their group. For descriptions of commands in sequential order ref er to the PDS Equipme nt Modeling Reference Guide (DEA5017).

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