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Want to reach the Piping Guide reader community ? Piping Guide is now offering advertising opportunities ! Piping Guide has daily 4000+ hits and a huge RSS subscriber list. We have visitors from 180 Countries and we get well appreciation from all over the world. Look at few stats below:

About Piping Guide

Piping Guide is a leading educational site, dedicated to Piping & Process Engineering. The site offers articles, tutorials and how-to guides on all things related to EPC Industry like Oil & Gas, Power or Water treatment Industries.

Founded in 2007, Piping Guide features audience who have the passion for their work and seeks to promote awareness about this unique engineering to all.

Slots Availability and Rates

Ad Zone
Below Title Square 336 x 280 (Left Aligned) 
$90.00 Per 30 days
Top LeaderBoard 720 x 90 (Top Left) 
$90.00 Per 30 days
Side Bar Square 336 x 280 (On Sidebar Anywhere) 
$50.00 Per 30 days
After Post Content Square 336 x 280 (Left Aligned) 
$50.00 Per 30 days

You can also request a custom size slot with custom positioning
Contact & Payment Information

Piping Guide reserves the right to approve sponsoring websites. Advertising plans are agreed to on a month-to-month basis. Either party may terminate the relationship by providing 15 days notice.

For clarification on location of the advertisement, or to proceed with an action plan, please contact us or mail us at @ ankit[@]pipingguide[.]net


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