Saturday, February 7, 2009

PDMS Positioning Commands (General)

Positioning Commands (General)

  • At E300 N400 U500
  • At E3333 N6000 U50 WRT SITE
  • At N500W30U600 WRT WORLD
  • AT N400 U500 E300 IN ZONE
  • At N40 WRT /FRED

Position an element explicitly at the coordinates given relative to the element's owner. To position relative to some other element, wrt can be added, as shown above.

  • BY N500 -->> Move the element north from it's current position by 500mm (This is relative movement.)
  • CONN P1 TO P2 OF PREV --->>> Positions P1 at the specified point and orientates the element such that P1 is pointing in the opposite direction to the specified ppoint.
  • CONN IDP@ TO IDP@ --->>> Connect a picked Ppoint on the current primitive to a picked Ppoint of another
  • CONN P1 TO IDP@ --->>> Connect P1 of the current primitive to a picked
    Point of another primitive

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