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PDMS Positioning Commands (Piping)

Positioning Commands (Piping)

NOTE: All the above commands can be used with piping components for exact positioning. The following commands are specific to piping because they use the implied direction of the previous component to determine the position. This implied direction is some times referred to as the constrained centreline and is simply a line drawn in the direction of the previous component. All of the following commands will move components along this line.

  • DIST 300 --->>>> Position the current element 300mm away from the previous component. The direction is taken as the leave direction of the previous component.
  • CLEAR 400 --->>>> Position the current element with a clearance of 400m between it and the previous element. For most types of component, this command gives a tube spool length equal to the clearance value. For some components such as level operated valves the clearance is likely to take the lever length as the obstruction length of the valve, so in this case the clearance might be more unpredictable.
  • THRO N500 TO N500 --->>>> Position the origin of the CE along constrained centerline through N500 in ZONE coordinates.
  • THRO PT --->>>> Position the origin of the CE along constrained centerline at the point where it intersects a perpendicular plane positioned at the branch tail.
  • CONNect --->>>> Position the arrive point at the leave point of the previous component and orientate the component to suit.

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