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In order to get specific information directly from the database, a number of keyword or pseudo
attributes have been introduced. Pseudo attributes are not attributes as such, but they have
the ability to extract data when queried. For Example

  • ELBO 1 --->>>> Go to elbo 1 of the branch
  • Q PARAM --->>>> Query the parameters of the catref of the spref
  • Q DTXR --->>>> Query the rtext of the detref of the spref_ can also use dtxs or dtxt
  • Q MTXX --->>>> Query the xtext of the matref of the spref _ can also use mtxy or mtxz
  • Q PSATTS --->>>> Query the list of pseudo attributes available for the CE.

A few useful pseudo attributes appear below:

General Queries

  • Q LIST --->>>> Query what you can create below the current element
  • Q OLIST --->>>>Query the type of elements which can own CE
  • Q ORDER --->>>>Query the list position
  • Q PROP DESC --->>>> Query the data element with the dkey equal to DESC in the component's dataset (Steelwork and Piping elements)
  • Q PRLS --->>>> Query the list of properties in the component's dataset
  • Q PURP XXX --->>>> Query the purpose attribute of the property XXX

Piping Attributes

  • Q CHOICE --->>>> Query the answers of the selectors of the spref
  • Q CHOICE STYP --->>>> Query the styp used to select the component
  • Q PL BOP --->>>> Query the bottom of pipe elevation of the leave point
  • Q PA INSU --->>>> Query the insulation thickness at the arrive point
  • Q PGRAD 1 --->>>> Query the slope at ppoint 1
  • Q ITLE --->>>> Query the length of implied tube (must navigate first by using 'IL TUBE' at a component)
  • Q LBOR --->>>> Query the leave bore
  • Q ABOR --->>>> Query the arrive bore
  • Q APOS --->>>> Query the arrive position
  • Q LPOS --->>>> Query the leave position

At Branch Level

  • Q TULEN --->>>> Query the length of tube in a branch
  • Q CLLEN --->>>> Query the centerline length through all components

  • Q ODESP --->>>> Query the design params of the joint owner
  • Q ADESP --->>>> Query the design params of the joint attached beam
  • Q DRPS --->>>> Query the derived position of the beam start
  • Q NWEI -->>>> Query the net weight (considering joint cut outs)
  • Q GWEI --->>>> Query the gross weight (beam before cutting)
  • Q NCOF --->>>> Query the net centre of gravity for the beam
  • Q NSRF --->>>> Query the net surface area
  • Q MIDP --->>>> Query the mid point
  • Q POS PPLINE TOS START WRT /* --->>>> Query TOS of current element (SCTN)
  • Q PPLINE TOS DIR --->>>> Query the direction of the TOS pline on a SCTN

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  1. Dear Mr.Ankit Chugh
    Do you know how to get a pseudo attribute in PML (ext: GPAR of Flange) without querying it?Thank you

  2. Dear Tien, its been a long time since i even touched PDMS. So, i am not the right person here to solve your query. But i hope any other reader here will surely solve your query. Thanks

  3. thanks for answering my question. I like your page, I think I will find good information here

  4. Indeed you'll definitely. Thanks for the comment Sir!!



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