Sunday, February 8, 2009

PDMS Creating & Deleting Elements

Creating Elements

  • NEW BOX --->>>> To create anything in PDMS, you need to be at the right level in the hierarchy and use the command NEW followed by the TYPE of element you want to create.
  • NEW EQUI /T-1101 --->>>> Create EQUI element and set the name attribute
  • NEW ELBO CHOOSE --->>>> For piping components, you need to create the element and then link it to the catalogue via the spref attribute. The CHOOSE command allows you to select components from the specification by picking them from a displayed menu.
  • CHOOSE ALL ---->>>> Allows you to see more detail about the component than CHOOSE on it's own.

Deleting Elements

  • DELETE ELBO --->>>> To delete an element, the syntax is DELETE followed by the TYPE of element you are deleting.
  • DELETE BRAN MEM --->>>> This deletes the members of an element (i.e. BRAN in this example) without deleting the element itself.

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