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Learn About Different Types of Pipe Supports

Find about different types of pipe supports being used while one design pipe routing for any system and for ensuring smooth working of it.

Broadly Pipe Supports are classified in three Categories:

1. General Details

  • Primary Supports
  • Secondary Supports

2. Construction Details

3. Functional Purpose

  • Loose Support
  • Longitudinal guide
  • Transverse guide
  • Fixed Point – Non welded Type
  • Anchor – Welded Type
  • Limit Stop
  • Special Support

General Details

  • Primary Support
  • Directly Connected to Pipe
  • Secondary Support
  • Directly connected to Foundation/ Structure and is supporting the primary
  • support directly attach to the pipe
Primary Support

Constructions Details

Rigid Supports

Rigid Hangers

Various Rigid Hanger Arrangements

Elastic Support

Meant to absorb vertical displacement of pipes caused by thermal expansion.

Variable Spring Supports vary in their load along their travel.


Variables use coiled springs to support a load and allow movement. The resistance of the coil to a load changes during compression, which is why these devices are called "variables".


Constant support hangers are principally used to support pipes and equipment subjected to vertical movement due to thermal expansion at locations where transfer of stress to other supports or equipment can be critical.

The maximum recommended variation according to MSS standard from the operating load is 25% for variable spring hangers.

If the variation exceeds 25%, a constant support hanger should be used. The constant resistance to a load is achieved by combining a spring coil with a cam which rotates about a main pivot point.

The cam is designed such that the distances from the main pivot changes to compensate for the variable resistance during compression of the coil. The MSS standard provides for a tolerance of 6% in the constant load through the travel range.



As the name suggest, this type of support is capable of adjustment at site to accommodate erection tolerances of piping. Basically all type of support can be easily modified and made adjustable.

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