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Type of Piping Systems in Piping Design

Find out major types of Piping Systems being implemented in Piping Design:

Based on Design Temperature and Pressure

  • Critical
  • Main steam piping, HP Bypass system
  • Hot Reheat System, Cold Reheat System and Low Pressure (LP)
  • Bypass System
  • Boiler Feed Water piping
  • Turbine Extraction system
  • Steam piping to Turbo driven Boiler Feed Water pump.
  • Condensate piping
  • Auxiliary steam piping.
  • Any system with a design temperature of 400 deg C or higher.
  • Any system with an ASME flange rating of Class 900 or higher
  • Other systems which are considered critical because of pressure
  • and/or Temperature Considerations.
  • Non Critical
  • Exclusive of all above
Type of Piping Systems in Piping Design

Based on Size

  • Small Bore
  • Pipe Diameter less than 65 NB
  • Large Bore
  • Equal and greater than 65 NB)

Stress Analysis To be carried out:

  • High Pressure and above 120 deg C either LB or SB
  • SB above 120 deg C

Loads on Piping System

  • Dead load
  • Weight of the pipe.
  • Weight of fittings.
  • Weight of valves and other inline components like strainers, etc.
  • Weight of insulation.
  • Weight of fluid flowing inside
  • Wind load
  • Seismic load
  • Hydro Test Loads
  • Load Due to Thermal Expansion


  • High Temperature and High Pressure of the Steam
  • Additional Loads on a Steam Line:-
Increased dead load due to higher insulation.
Thermal loads.
Loads due to the phenomena of water hammer/steam hammer.
Relief valve discharge.
Loads due to phenomena of surging.
  • Temperature
  • Movement of Equipment Nozzles
  • Solar Radiation Heating

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