Sunday, September 14, 2014

[PPT] Accessibility Factors - Human Factor Guide Line

Ø If height of ladder is more than 2.1m then ladder should be provided with safety loop.

Ø Ladder step interval should not be more than 300mm.

Ø Provide at least main height clearance from over head beam.

Ø Stair way slope from horizontal should be in range 45 to 60 degree.

All manually operated valves shall be accessible from floor or from platform.

Ø Dead-end platforms greater than 6m long are prohibited because of confusion arises from an emergency or panic situation .An individual might select an escape path which would lead to such a dead end.

Ø Toe plate shall be provided on edge of all platform areas and around platform openings except platform entrance and exit location.

Ø Ladder should be generally arranged for side exit and ladder step should not exceed 300mm.

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