Thursday, September 11, 2014

[PPT] Yard and Rack Area Piping

Yard area piping: Piping out side power block is known as yard area Piping.

Yard area piping can be divided in two parts
Ø Above Ground
Ø Under Ground

In above ground piping following topic will be covered
Ø Rack Piping
Ø Sleeper Piping
Ø Clearance
Ø Human factor guide line

Rack Piping

Definition: Pipe racks are structures designed and built specifically  to support multiple pipes where adequate structure is not

In rack piping following topics will be covered.
ØRack width
Ø Number of tier
Ø Minimum vertical clearance
Ø Clear height between tiers
Ø Arrangement of pipes on rack

Rack width : Following factors will decide the rack width.
Ø Number of Pipes laid on rack
ØSize of Pipes
ØSpace between pipes
ØElectrical /instrument cable tray
ØSpace reserved for future lines

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