Tuesday, September 9, 2014

[PPT] General Pipe Routing Criteria

General Pipe Routing Criteria

There are some criteria that optimize piping cost and proper functioning of system.

Ø Piping from source to destination should be as short as possible with minimum change in direction.

Ø Piping should not hinder any normal passage way also should not encroach any equipment maintenance space.
Ø Valves ,strainer, instruments on pipe should be easily accessible if needed provide separate access platform.

ØSpecific requirements of straight length of pipe for some components to be maintained ,like for flow orifice we need to provide 15 D straight pipe length at up stream of orifice and 5D pipe at down steam of orifice.

Ø For pipe line which shall carry liquid we have to make sure that all filled air allowed to vent out of the line when line is filled to achieve this a vent connection is provided on top most point of pipe line.

Ø Also arrangement is kept in the pipe line so that liquid can be drain out if required.

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