Wednesday, May 27, 2015

PDMS Video Tutorials (A Series of Videos to Learn PDMS from Scratch)

Here are a series of videos of PDMS tutorials to watch and learn. Someone has done the 'job well done' work in making these videos well and here's my thumbs up for the video maker of these videos. These videos shall help you in gaining an expertise in equipment as well as pipe routing and modelling.

Design of Gates and Ladders Using PDMS

Design of a Stairs on Structures Using PDMS

Design of a Platform on a Structure Using PDMS

Design of a Plates on Pipe Rack Using PDMS

Design of a Pipe whose Tail is Determined by Co ordinates Given

Design of a Pipe Rack using PDMS

Design of a Gate and Ladder Using PDMS

Design and Routing of a Pipe Using PDMS

Design and Offsetting of a Standard Pump Using PDMS

Creating an MTO using PDMS

Creating an MTO from a Modified Template using PDMS

Creating a Draft for a Design using PDMS

Converting Designs Made on PDMS to JPEG

Design of a Primitive Equipment Using PDMS

Design of a Pipe Rack using PDMS

Design and Offsetting a Standard Pump using PDMS

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