Sunday, May 31, 2015

[Excel] Piping Slide Chart Notes

Here's an excel file i found online which helps in finding dimensions of Butt welded, socket welded flanges, valves, olets and bolting. It also include Pipe thickness chart, pipe sizing chart and computed weights. It's quiet an old excel yet seems to be very useful for pipers. Here are some point about it:

1. Cells shaded in green denote component and piping weights. reducer weights are only for the size indicated.

2. Cells shaded in cyan relate to fig. 8/blank and spacer thicknesses. 

3. No responsibilty will be accepted for any errors occuring from the use of the data obtained from this spreadsheet. 

4. Future modifications/updates are planned such as inclusion of valve weights.


1. Carbon Steel/low temp and alloy steel schedules of pipe conform to ASME B 36.10 M -1996. Stainless schedules of pipe conform to ANSI/ASME B 16 M -1985.

2. Size and weight information for all piping, flanges and fittings upto and including 48"NB taken from Trouvay and Cauvin 2001 edition.

3. Size information for all piping, flanges and fittings 50"NB and above taken from Taylor Forge.
Please Note: There is no password in the file for opening & you'll need to enable macros to get the excel working. Also you'll need to discover all tabs in the excel. It by default shows only 3 tabs but in actual it has 7. 

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