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Engineering Specification of Piping Design By Toyo Engineering


This specification covers general requirements concerning process and utility piping systems which may be included in the plant constructed by Toyo Engineering India Ltd (hereinafter referred to as PMC).


The extent of piping systems to which this specification is to be applied, shall be as indicated on the applicable piping and instrument flow diagrams (hereinafter referred to as P&I), and utility flow diagrams (hereinafter referred to as UFD). However, piping systems which are furnished as a regular part of proprietary or standardized equipment (or package unit) may be in accordance with the equipment manufacturer's standards.

Instrument piping/tubing systems from the first fitting or block valve on the piping systems shall not be covered by this specification.

The requirements for inspections and tests of piping materials, and other requirements for piping construction are not specified in this specification.

Specific Job Requirements

Specific Job Requirements which are attached to this specification cover modifications to this specification and Customer's special or local requirements as well as specific job data pertinent to this specification. Where Specific Job Requirements are in contradiction to this specification, Specific Job Requirements shall govern.

Codes and Standards

Piping systems and piping materials shall be designed and manufactured in accordance with the applicable codes and standards.


Unless otherwise specified, metric, degree Celsius and kilogram units shall be applied, but nominal sizes of piping shall be in accordance with inch system (NPS). The units and numerical values given in [ ] in this specification are based on the International System of Units (SI) and are appended for reference.

Related Engineering Specifications

H-100 "Plant Layout"
H-103 "Piping Materials"
H-107 "Steam Tracing Piping"
L-101 "Thermal Insulation Design"

Piping Design Basis

Design of piping systems and materials shall be in accordance with this specification and ASME Code for "CHEMICAL PLANT AND PETROLEUM REFINERY PIPING" B31.3 & “POWER PIPING”B 31.1, unless otherwise specified in the applicable codes and standards.

Design Pressure and Temperature

(1) The design pressures and temperatures shall be determined, considering start-up, shutdown conditions and other requirements for safety as well as normal operating conditions.

(2) Design conditions for piping systems shall be summarized in "Line Schedule".

Piping Materials

(1) All piping materials shall conform to the requirements of ASTM.

(2) Materials to other national standards such as BS, DIN, JIS etc, or special materials not covered in codes and standards may be applied with approval by PMC.

(3) Detail specifications of piping materials shall be in accordance with Engineering Specification H-103 "Piping Materials".

(4) Piping material shall be properly marked for easy identification, Procedure for the same to established by LSTK contractor for marking of piping material and the shall be approved by TEIL/Owner.

Engineering Specification of Piping Design By Toyo Engineering

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