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Samsung Piping Design Manual of Pump Piping

Purpose and Application Scope

The purpose of this manual is to increase efficiency and establish standards for design by providing the basic concept necessary for piping design and the criteria for detailed design relevant to pump on the plant which is designed and/or constructed by Samsung Engineering Co., Ltd. The scope included in this manual is for the normal pumps under room temperature, and it shall not be used for special pumps.

Relevant Manuals and Standards

1.2.1 Relevant to pump layout decision criteria

(1) SEM-2002 "Plant Layout Standard (for Chemical Plant)"

1.2.2 Relevant to pump surroundings piping

(1) SEM-3039 "Piping Design Criteria"
(2) SEM-3016 "Piping Flexibility Analysis"
(3) API 610 "Centrifugal Pumps for General Refinery Service"
(4) API 686 "Recommended Practice for Machinery Installation and Installation Design"

1.2.3 Relevant to pump surroundings support

(1) SEM-3040 "Pipe Hanging No.1 (Piping Hanging Manual)"
(2) SEM-3043 "Pipe Support Design Data"

1.3 Basic Concept

1.3.1 Definition of pump

Pump is a device which give pressure to fluid passing through it and discharges the
fluid to the outside.

Samsung Piping Design Manual of Pump Piping

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