Sunday, February 8, 2009

PDMS Orientation Commands

Orientation Commands (General)

  • ORI Y IS N AND Z IS U --->>>> This is the default orientation (wrt owner) for all elements that have an orientation attribute.
  • ORI Y IS E45N --->>>> Specify that the Y axis is pointing E45N. When only one axis is specified, the other tries to get to it's default, so in this case, Z will default to UP.
  • ORI P1 IS N --->>>> Rather than specifying an axis, this command specifies that a particular ppoint is to be orientated in the direction specified.

Orientation Commands (Piping)

  • ORI --->>>> This command orientates the arrive of the element in the opposite direction to the leave of the previous element. It does not change the position.
  • CONNECT --->>>> Perform an ORI, then position the arrive at the leave of previous.
  • DIR S --->>>> This is a special command which is allowed to change the angle of a component. It first performs an ori, then adjusts the angle to ensure that the leave direction is in the direction specified.
  • ORI AND P3 IS U --->>>> Used for valves, tees, etc., this command performs an ori and then points the ppoint in the required direction. It does not change the angle.
  • DIR AND P3 IS U --->>>> This is another special command which is only used on tees with variable angles. (Usually for sloping lines.) In this case, the tee is orientated and the angle adjusted to allow p3 to point in the direction specified.

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