Saturday, February 25, 2012

Download Free MaxANSI Piping Handbook for Piping Engineers

As the boom of smartphones has increased in telecom markets, every1 wants to carry all the information in their pockets. So even, engineering industry is also booming with more techy things. And as per my experience, I have seen smartphones with almost every guy I know who is into our industry. So, as while doing piping, many times we require data of various valves, fittings, flanges, pipe schedule and much more.

So, on android market I found an application which gives this information with such a nice layout that I couldn’t resisted having that installed in my phone. Talking further of app, since I downloaded the free version of it, it doesn’t have all the data which is only available in its paid version.

This application is the Piping Component Reference Guide, for ANSI.

As of now, its free version contains Database Library services PIPE B36.10 and Flange B16.5, fully.
4 inch data of VALVE B16.10, FITTING B16.9/B16.11 and COMPONENT(Fig.8 and Spacer for Ref.) is provided on sample.

MaxANSI Piping HandBook1MaxANSI Piping HandBook5MaxANSI Piping HandBook3MaxANSI Piping HandBook2MaxANSI Piping HandBook4

And Paid Version contains Database Library services PIPE B36.10, FLANGE B16.5, VALVE B16.10, FITTING B16.9/B16.11 and COMPONENT(Fig.8 and Spacer for Ref.) in full.

MaxANSI Piping HandBook Pro1MaxANSI Piping HandBook Pro2MaxANSI Piping HandBook Pro3MaxANSI Piping HandBook Pro4

Watch this video, it would make more clear what this applications contains and how it is useful.

Video of this application in action on both an Android and an iPhone.

This application is available in both Android Market and iTunes. See below chart for download links:

Application Version Android Market iTunes
Free Version Download Download
Paid Version Buy Buy
Price $8.70 $8.99

If you purchase the paid version of this app, do let me know your feedback. Contact me here.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    As per the above,please send to my address as follows:

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  2. Sir, this is a phone application. I have provided download links for the same, using those, you can install directly that app in your android or iphone. This is not any physical product which could be shipped to somewhere!!



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